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An agency struggle ensues between the CIA, FBI and DEA.  Attorney General Michael Truesdale threatens to halt the opioid investigation after discovering DEA Director Robert Neal covered up a secret program. that interrogated narco-traffickers unconstitutionally.
FBI Special Agent Andrew Schaefer starts investigating the Machiavellian opioid-trafficker Adonis Blackwell and Rahman Abdul for their nefarious activities. The probe takes direction of electronic surveillance, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to infiltrate the Blackwell empire.  
Agents say, “Adonis Blackwell’s drug ring is responsible for distributing more than a thousand pounds of fentanyl throughout the U.S. and amassed millions in cash, luxury vehicles, real estate and expensive jewelry.”
The investigation leads to areas federal agents had hoped to avoid; political and salacious scandals. Special Agent Schaefer gradually loses his integrity and goes morally bankrupt trying to solve the problematic opioid epidemic.