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Transitions TV series is an urban drama that interweaves connected stories about the drug trade, mental illness and political scandals. Transitions depicts mental illness and the opioid epidemic through law enforcement, drug traffickers and the mentally-ill. The voice-overs give the audience an opportunity to get inside the characters head. As a result, it creates a strong bond between the audience and the characters. 

Some plots are inspired by true stories that are adapted from current and recent headlines. In other words, corruption is exposed at various levels of Big Pharma, negligent doctors, law enforcement and the drug trade.

The realistic portrayal of recurring characters show extreme sacrifices they’re willing to make in order to prevail. Above all, the shadowy intentions, unbearable suspense and riveting plot twists help make the audience become emotionally engaged throughout each episode. 

This American television series explores the failed “War on Drugs.” In addition to a collapsing health-care system that neglects those who pledged allegiance to the flag, but that same flag hasn’t pledged allegiance to them.

Furthermore, this show doesn’t glorify drugs, sex and violence. It rather shines a spotlight on mental illness and drug addiction at its core.

Firstly, why is the U.S. the No. 1 nation in the world for illegal drug use? Secondly, why does one-third of all Americans suffer severe mental problems and only twenty percent seek help? Thirdly, and most importantly, Transitions depicts those questions through complex characters that propel this gripping story.


Each season exist as a stand alone journey of five well plotted episodes. For instance, the 55 minute episodes zero in on high points of the hero, the antagonist, love interest and companion.

Throughout the story-line their heartfelt journeys has unexpected twists posed with intricate challenges. Moreover, depicting the process of criminal and police activity. Transitions novelistic structure forms multi-layered narratives with each jaw-dropping episode serving as a single chapter.

The seasons work together to offer a larger narrative with literary themes, intertwining mental illness and the culture of drug addiction. The core of the show encompasses the federal investigation of a mentally-ill narcotics trafficker held responsible for a fatal opioid epidemic and a Muslim hitman who grapples with societal ills.

In the first story arc, some characters progress throughout the seasons; while others have their stories resolved in a cliffhanging episode or a single season. In conclusion, viewers who invest in watching this emotionally charged story, are rewarded with a satisfying payoff in the end.